Assembly Area

By sourcing manufacturing operations to FM Corporation, a company can avoid the huge investment in equipment, engineering expertise, plants, and people. This frees up needed capital for development, design, and marketing.

In short, contracting with FM Corporation keeps you competitive.

FM’s turnkey solutions include many years of experience in combining our engineering expertise in structural molding, injection molding, painting, silk screening, pad printing, assembly, sheet metal and machining. Let FM handle all you molding, painting and assembly needs without having to go to multiple locations for the different services. FM can achieve your specific requirements.

FM currently supplies simple assemblies that include a few hinges to large ones that are sold as one SKU, but include hundreds of individual parts and sub-assemblies.

Capabilities range from simple two-piece snap together assemblies to complicated electromechanical devices requiring a static controlled environment and electronic test routines to guaranteed 100% acceptance.