Other Services

Why Rely on FMcorp?

  • We have more than 30 years experience machining components to critical dimensions with tight tolerances
  • For our detailed, documented procedures that have earned us ISO 9002 certification
  • Our reputation for on-time delivery at the best price, which has resulted in Certified Ship-to-stock supplier status
  • We are a one-stop shop for an array of services that include:
    • Painting and silk screening
    • Structural and injection molding
    • Simple to complex assembly
    • Sheet metal fabrication and machined parts
  • Because of our knowledge gained from partnerships across many industries, including:
    • Industrial
    • Medical
    • Scientific
    • Communications
    • Consumer
    • Agriculture
    • And More!!

RFI / EMI Shielding

Spray-on ShieldingFM Corp is a UL recognized applicator of spray-on EMI and RFI Shielding for most substrates. Shielding can help reduce the number of parts and material in your project application. Conductive spray-on material replaces large, heavy sheet metal liners or sheet metal enclosure doors. The reduction of materials and lower shipping weights result in significant cost savings!



paint-lineOur Finishing Department utilizes a continuous paint line system equipped with a computer controlled paint management system. We have a forced air drying oven that is specifically designed for drying painted plastic parts. We handle all of our own Pad Printing, Screen Printing, and Hot Stamping in house.
We can ship your finished parts directly to your assembly line.



Sub-Assembly and Assembly

AssemblyCapabilities range from simple two-piece snap together assemblies to complicated electromechanical devices requiring a static controlled environment and electronic test routines to guaranteed 100% acceptance. Many customers find it advantageous to move some of their sub-assembly and finishing operations to our factory floor.


Precision Inspecting

Precision-MeasuringWith our Coordinate Measuring Machines from Zeiss and Brown & Sharp, we are able to perform precision inspections. These machines allow us to measure the physical and geometrical characteristics of an object. We are able to take readings in six degrees of freedom and display these readings in mathematical form.






Inventory Maintenance (IM)

Inventory-MaintenanceOur sophisticated further-manufacturing capabilities can be integrated seamlessly with your operations to yield impressive efficiencies. We can even help you manage inventory. Your parts can carry individual part numbers and also ship under an additional, kit-pack number. We routinely implement ship-to-stock, Kanban, schedule-sharing and E.D.I.